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Timing Belts

At awa auto repair shop; we pay a great deal of attention to timing belts issue. We help customers in Washington DC, Prince georges county and college park MD increase the life of their vehicle by preventing timing belt and engine break down. We service : toyota, honda, lexus, volvo, Mercedes benz, BMW, land rover, porche, infiniti, acura, subaru, VW, audi, chrysler, chevrolet, GM, Ford, Pontiac and many other luxury car brands

As you know; Like other components in your vehicle, timing belts wear out. For your vehicle to perform better; a proper maintenance is required on all belt at regular service intervals. Most manufacturers recommend a replacement based on time or mileage. if you are unsure of what a timing belt look like or its location; Timing belts are usually located on the front of the engine protected by a plastic or metal cover. The covers, other belts and sometimes motor mounts must be removed to replace them. The timing belt is the life your engine.

Come by to Awa Auto repair shop to have your timing belt serviced; if you experience any kind of noise coming from your engine. Get it fixed before it is too late